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HOS extension applications to open

January 02, 2013
The Housing Authority will accept applications for the Scheme of Extending the Home Ownership Scheme Secondary Market to White Form Buyers from January 4.
With a quota of 5,000, eligible people must submit applications by January 18.
If over-subscribed, the authority will draw ballots. It will vet the eligibility of the applicants in accordance with the priority for the quota allocation as determined by the ballot.
After the vetting, the Housing Department will announce in mid-May the priority list of the 5,000 successful applicants. Approval Letters will be issued to the first batch of 2,500 successful applicants in accordance with the priority list at the end of May, and to the remainder at the end of December.
Under the scheme, the income limit for family applicants is $40,000 per month and the asset limit is $830,000. The income and asset limits for singletons are $20,000 per month and $415,000. The quota for family applicants is 4,500, while the quota for singletons is 500.
Apart from this scheme, applicants are allowed to apply at the same time for Greenview Villa under the Housing Society. In case both applications are successful, they can only opt for one of the schemes and the remaining application will be cancelled.
Application forms and guides can be obtained at the authority’s customer service centre in Lok Fu, estate offices, the Housing Authority and Housing Society’s district tenancy management offices, the Sham Shui Po Housing Information Centre, and the Home Affairs Department’s public enquiry service centres.
The materials can also be downloaded from the authority’s website.
Call the authority’s hotline on 2712 2712 for enquiries.

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