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Food clues:  Centre for Food Safety Principal Medical Officer Dr Teresa Choi discusses suspicious health claims on the labels of four baby foods.

Baby food claims queried

April 16, 2012
The Centre for Food Safety has launched an investigation into suspicious health claims on the labels of four baby foods.
A study by the centre and the Consumer Council found the claims were not supported by internationally recognised scientific evidence.
The claims involved vitamin E and the immune system, choline and eye development, probiotics and immunity, and allergies.
The centre is checking for any violation of the Public Health & Municipal Services Ordinance.
It said another sample, which put “DHA” and “babies immunity” in the same area on the package, might lead consumers to associate DHA with immunity. It said the link is not yet substantiated by evidence.
A total of 117 baby-food samples were selected for study, including 46 processed cereal-based ones, and 71 canned-food ones, purchased from supermarkets and other retail outlets.