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Wong Kam-po

Power finish:  Hong Kong's Wong Kam-po (centre) wins the men's individual road race, scoring Hong Kong's eighth gold medal at the Guangzhou Asian Games. (Photo credit: SF&OC)

More gold at the Asian Games

November 22, 2010

Hong Kong athletes won another gold medal and three bronze at the Guangzhou Asian Games today. Hong Kong has so far won 33 medals at the games.


Cyclist Wong Kam-po took gold in the men's cycling individual road race while Cheng Man-kit, Patrick Lam, Samantha Lam and Jacqueline Lai won bronze in the equestrian team jumping event.


Mak Cheuk-yin, Wu Siu-hong, Tsang Pak-kei, Tseng Tak-hin, Yeung Wai-ki and Cheung Chun-chung took bronze in the bowling team of five competition, while Valerie Cheng, Cheung Ho-king, Lau Hiu-wai and Lin Po-heung also took bronze in the women's team foil fencing.


Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing extended his congratulations to the athletes, saying Hong Kong people are thrilled at their unfailing efforts to excel in the games.


"I would like to pay my particular tribute to our cyclist Wong Kam-po who has won three gold, one silver and one bronze, including the gold medal grabbed today, during his various performances at the Asian Games. He epitomises Hong Kong people's determination and perseverance. This is legendary.


"The cycling team has achieved excellent results at the games by winning gold medals in all four major cycling events. We are all proud of them. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to head coach Shen Jin-kang, who has made a valuable contribution to the Hong Kong cycling team."