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Copyright bill essential

January 12, 2016

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So says Hong Kong needs a comprehensive and updated copyright protection regime to facilitate intellectual property trading.


Speaking to reporters today after a licensing award ceremony, Mr So said licensing is closely related to copyright and directly affected by the Copyright (Amendment) Bill.


Discussions on the bill’s exemptions should not hold up the bill's passage, he said, adding the stakes of not passing the bill is very high.


He urged lawmakers to perform their duties and debate the bill, as filibustering has wasted too much time.


Speaking on a meeting between legislator Dennis Kwok and the Hong Kong Copyright Alliance, Mr So said both sides had a frank and open exchange, and he will arrange more meetings with other legislators.


In response to questions on a procession by the tourism trade, Mr So said the Travel Industry Council has maintained close liaison with trade members, and he believes more communication is the best way forward.

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