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ExCo needs confidentiality: SJ

October 22, 2013
The Executive Council's confidentiality mechanism has been in use for a long time, and any break in the system would have a profound impact on society, as well as the Government’s operations.
This was the message from Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen today when asked about calls from some lawmakers to apply the Legislative Council (Powers & Privileges) Ordinance to get the Government to disclose the consultants’ report on free television licence applications.
He said ExCo's confidentiality system is longstanding and important, adding it must be handled with great care.
Mr Yuen said he hopes there are other ways to solve the issue, rather than to impose the ordinance.
On the possibility of a judicial review on the television issue, Mr Yuen said he respects people's right to take legal action, and if there is a review, he said the case will be handled lawfully.

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