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HK-GD copyright meeting held

August 06, 2013
The 12th Meeting of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Expert Group on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights was held in Guangzhou today, and participants agreed to continue deepening and promoting mutual co-operation on intellectual property.
The group’s co-operation projects for 2013-14 include promoting and developing intellectual property trading in Guangdong and Hong Kong and organising intellectual property seminars and exchange programmes for enterprises in both places. They will also hold intellectual property seminars applicable at exhibitions and conventions, and hold intellectual property activities for enforcement officials.
The two sides shared their latest developments in intellectual property co-operation and reviewed the projects completed in the past year, such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong Seminars on Intellectual Property & Development of Small & Medium Enterprises.
Law enforcement authorities in both places continued to work closely during the past year to further improve the co-ordination mechanism for handling intellectual property-related cases, and focused on co-operating to combat cross-boundary intellectual property rights infringements on the Internet.
During the press conference, Director of Intellectual Property Peter Cheung said the close relationship between Hong Kong and Guangdong allows ample co-operation opportunities between intellectual property-related parties in the two sides under the framework of the expert group.
"By synergising the strengths of the two sides, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province have great potential in jointly developing into an intellectual property trading hub in the region," he said.
The expert group was formed after the 6th Plenary of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Co-operation Joint Conference in August 2003. It works to enhance exchange and co-operation on various aspects of intellectual property protection, including promotion and education, training and enforcement.

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