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Biodiversity festival opens

October 07, 2017

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today opened the Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival 2017, which offers more than 100 activities to promote the city's rich biodiversity.


The three-month festival, with "Nature Around Us" as its theme, is organised by the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department with the support of other government departments, universities, community organisations, and the public and private sectors.


Noting nature is close to Hong Kong's urban areas, Mr Wong said it is easy to find elements of nature in our surroundings even though many people are urban dwellers.


"Various habitats including the forests, wetlands, seas, and different species that live in them are all distinct subjects which can bring inspiration to artistic creation," Mr Wong said.


He called on people to put knowledge into action and conserve natural resources in their daily lives in aspects such as dining, clothing, housing and commuting.


The roving exhibition, being held today and tomorrow at Pier 7, Central, will be held in various locations from October to December displaying works by 10 local artists on Hong Kong's biodiversity.


The exhibition will also comprise seminars, workshops and film appreciation sessions.


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