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Landfill monitoring enhanced

December 07, 2016

The Environmental Protection Department has strengthened enforcement to ensure the stringent management and operation of landfills.


Secretary for the Environment KS Wong made the comment to legislators today saying the department does not have the resources to take over the management of landfills where there has been suspected malpractices by contractors.


"The department has thoroughly reviewed the monitoring system and implemented improvement measures, including stepping up the frequency of irregular inspections, identifying new leachate sampling points to ensure representativeness of the sample collected, strengthening the training of the department's on-site staff to enhance their technical knowledge, and arranging the installation of additional monitoring equipment, such as closed-circuit television systems, to closely monitor the operation of the concerned waste facilities."


He said the department has also stepped up the monitoring of discharge from the Pillar Point Valley Restored Landfill's leachate treatment plant with regular collection of samples for analysis by the Government Laboratory.