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Energy-saving campaign launched

June 20, 2016

Green scheme

Green scheme:  Secretary for the Environment KS Wong launches the Energy Saving for All 2016 campaign.

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today launched the Energy Saving for All 2016 campaign.


Jointly organised by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, the scheme is to combat climate change.


Noting that the first-ever Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong's Built Environment 2015~2025+ unveiled by the Government last year aimed to reduce the city's energy intensity by 40% by 2025, Mr Wong said community participation is essential to achieve the target.


The Energy Saving for All campaign can foster close partnership between the Government, the business sector and non-governmental organisations, as well as schools and tertiary education institutions, he said.


The campaign comprises the Energy Saving Charter 2016, a prize presentation ceremony for the Youth Energy Saving Award, and the Energy Saving Championship Scheme.


The Government launched the Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature in 2012 to invite building and property management sectors to reduce electricity consumption on air-conditioning during mid-summer by maintaining indoor temperatures at their premises between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius.


The charter has extended the invitation to schools and tertiary education institutions, requiring them to take a further step by switching off electrical appliances when they are not in use, and procuring energy efficient appliances, until May 2017.


There are 3,000 signatories to the charter, including 1,900 shopping malls, shops, office premises and offices, 800 housing estates and residential buildings, and 250 properties of non-governmental organisations.


Eighty schools and tertiary education institutions are new signatories.


Also held today was the prize presentation for the Youth Energy Saving Award which was launched last year. The winning teams gave out cash rewards to their nominated non-governmental organisations to improve the living conditions of the needy.


As part of the campaign, the Energy Saving Championship Scheme was launched this year to commend organisations that performed excellently in energy saving. These organisations comprise shopping malls, office premises, housing estates and residential buildings, schools and tertiary education institutions.


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