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Garbage truck upgrades broached

October 25, 2013
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong says the Government will table an amendment bill at the Legislative Council within this year, mandating that all garbage trucks be fully enclosed to use government refuse-disposal facilitates, and to endorse the subsidy scheme to retrofit the vehicles.

Speaking to the media after inspecting retrofitted fully enclosed garbage trucks at Island West Transfer Station in Kennedy Town today, Mr Wong said the whole nine month subsidy scheme, which he hopes to implement in January, will cost about $20 million.
The vehicles should have a fully enclosed tailgate cover as well as a wastewater sump tank. These features can enhance the environmental performance of the trucks and minimise environmental impact, he said.
There are about 530 garbage trucks in Hong Kong, and half have been fully enclosed so far.
In August, the Environmental Protection Department launched a pilot scheme to retrofit garbage trucks, and has received applications for 40 trucks to be retrofitted so far. The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department is providing technical support for the whole project.
Mr Wong called for Legislative Council and transport sector support to get the subsidy scheme launched in January.
“These refuse collection vehicles will enhance the overall environmental performance of refuse collection vehicles running around the whole territory, so is not only helping us to reduce the burden to the neighbourhood around the landfill, but also enhance the environmental performance or hygiene to the whole Hong Kong.”