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Views welcome

Views welcome:  Council for Sustainable Development Chairman Bernard Chan presents the consultation document on waste charging.

Waste charging consultation starts

September 25, 2013
The Council for Sustainable Development today launched a public engagement process on how to implement waste charging for waste reduction.
This process encourages stakeholders and the public to implement municipal solid waste charging, to reduce community waste at source, and promote Hong Kong's sustainable development.
Council Chairman Bernard Chan said 13,400 tonnes of waste is sent to landfills daily, of which 67% is municipal solid waste from domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. It has grown by nearly 80% in 30 years, he said.
Waste charging does not recover costs, but establishes behavioural changes in people’s daily lives through economic incentives, he added. Waste charging in other jurisdictions has been effective in behavioural changes, and waste prevention, reuse and recycling.
An invitation for response document issued today focuses on the charging mechanism, the charging scheme's coverage and charging level, and waste recycling.
Views can be emailed to the council secretariat by January 24.
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Waste Reduction