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First recycling committee meeting held

August 23, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam chaired the first meeting of the Steering Committee to Promote the Sustainable Development of the Recycling Industry today.
Members reviewed Hong Kong's recycling operation and support measures by the Government. The difficulties faced by the recycling trade were also discussed.
The goal is to boost waste reduction at source and promote the development of the recycling industry. To take the matter forward, collaboration of government agencies is essential as the operation of the recycling industry involves different areas of work, she noted.
The Environment Bureau and the Environmental Protection Department, responsible for overseeing the Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022, will provide secretarial support to the committee.
Its members include officers from the Commerce & Economic Development, Education, Development, Financial Services & the Treasury, Food & Health, Labour & Welfare, and Transport & Housing Bureaus.
The Home Affairs and Information Services Departments are responsible for district collaboration, and promotion and publicity.
The committee will review the collection and disposal of recyclables, related policies and support measures, and identify proactive approaches to facilitate the recycling industry's development. It will include exploring the forming of a recycling fund and its mode of operation, and improving the network of community collection points.
It will explore means to foster community support in recycling through public education and community involvement projects, and promote technological research and training and development of the workforce.
Engagement with the trade and other stakeholders will be conducted in the coming months to gauge their views on how to promote and support the recycling industry.