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Emission subsidy applications invited

July 31, 2013
The subsidy programme to replace catalytic converters and oxygen sensors in petrol and liquefied petroleum gas taxis and minibuses will start on August 15, and end by March 31.
The Environmental Protection Department said the programme will reduce emissions from taxis and minibuses to improve roadside air quality.
Vehicle owners can submit applications and make reservations for the replacement service in phases, according to their vehicle's year of manufacture.
The programme is voluntary and the subsidy will cover components and replacement work. The department selected the component suppliers and vehicle repair workshops through open tender and is setting the subsidy levels according to the tender results.
Fifty-two workshops and three suppliers have joined the programme. The contractors can ask vehicle owners to pay the difference if their charges exceed the subsidy level.
At present, 80% of taxis' catalytic converters and 45% of minibuses' are worn out, causing excessive emissions. Replacing worn-out catalytic converters can reduce vehicle emissions by as much as 90%.
To improve roadside air quality, from April next year the department will use remote sensing equipment to enhance the monitoring of petrol and LPG vehicles' excessive emissions.
Vehicles found to be emitting excessively must pass an advanced emissions test. Otherwise, the vehicle licence will be cancelled.
Call 3618 7670 for more information.

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