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Food wise campaign announced

December 03, 2012
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today unveiled the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign, which will promote public awareness of food waste problems in Hong Kong.
Speaking to the media after meeting with green groups and experts, Mr Wong said the campaign will co-ordinate efforts within the Government and public institutions to reduce food waste.
Last year more than 3,500 tonnes of food waste, accounting for 40% of municipal solid waste, was dumped in landfills every day, he said.
To formulate and oversee the campaign's implementation strategies, a Food Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee has been formed. It will instil behavioural change at the individual and household levels to help reduce food waste generation, form and promote good food waste reduction practices at commercial and industrial establishments, and facilitate food donation to charitable organisations.
It will be chaired by the Secretary for the Environment and run for three years. Members will include representatives from the catering and hotels, retail, property management, education, academia, green groups, and food recipient organisation sectors. The first meeting will be on December 6. Click here for the membership list.
Mr Wong said the Government plans to table waste charging proposals at the Legislative Council this year, adding 60% of the public have agreed in principle to the scheme. He said the Government is open-minded on the matter of fees.

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