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Joshua Law inspects correctional graduates

December 07, 2017
At attention

At attention:  Secretary for the Civil Service Joshua Law inspects graduates at the Correctional Services Department Staff Training Institute.

Secretary for the Civil Service Joshua Law attended a Correctional Services Department graduation parade today, inspecting 16 officers and 94 assistant officers who completed the department's training programme.


Noting law and order is the foundation for Hong Kong's stability and prosperity, Mr Law said the department is committed to providing safe custody and collaborating with various community sectors to rehabilitate people in custody.


Publicity and public education drives are conducted help prevent crime, he added.


Mr Law cited a recent post by the department on the Civil Service Bureau Facebook page in which a former triad member serving a life sentence for murder sought assistance and started studying. With the help of one of the department's clinical psychologists, the inmate dealt with his emotions and improved his interpersonal relationships.


Mr Law said many more people in custody can benefit from the department's rehabilitation programmes and contribute to society.


He said thanks to the concerted efforts of the department and stakeholders, the recidivism rate in Hong Kong has dropped continuously from 39.9% in 2000 to 25.9% in 2014.


Several graduates spoke to the media after the parade, including non-ethnic Chinese officer Johnny Singh who thanked the department for giving him the opportunity to further his studies to get promoted.

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