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CE calls for a united HK

October 11, 2017

If Hong Kong people can achieve consensus and capitalise on the city's strengths, the best of Hong Kong is yet to come.


This was the message from Chief Executive Carrie Lam, concluding her 2017 Policy Address speech at the Legislative Council today.


She said her vision is for a Hong Kong of hope and happiness. A city the community is proud to call home.


She envisions a vibrant international metropolis that is just, civilised, safe, affluent, enjoys the rule of law, compassionate and well governed.


To achieve this vision, she said society must be united, harmonious and caring, which has been Hong Kong's way to success for more than half a century.


Hong Kong has not lost its intrinsic advantages. Its people are still brilliant and the Hong Kong spirit has not been eroded, she added, citing the lyrics to the HKSAR 20th Anniversary Theme Song Hong Kong Our Home.


"We've built wonders through hard work. Believing in ourselves evermore. That's why I treasure Hong Kong. That's why I appreciate Hong Kong."

The Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address