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ICAC probe impartial

January 27, 2016

The Independent Commission Against Corruption upheld the principles of fairness and impartiality in investigating former ICAC Commissioner Timothy Tong.


ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh made that statement shortly after the Department of Justice announced its decision not to prosecute Mr Tong. He said the independent group established to look into Mr Tong's case had made a thorough and comprehensive investigation, as a total of 8,000 pages of documents and 120 witnesses were involved in the probe.


He noted that the ICAC has already plugged the loophole in its regulations and tightened controls on spending, including official entertainment, gifts and overseas duty visits to avoid a recurrence of Mr Tong's case.


The watchdog has implemented measures to enhance its internal governance and monitoring, including the establishment of an Internal Audit Unit staffed by officers with professional accountancy qualifications, Mr Peh said.


He added that the incident provided an opportunity for the ICAC to review its rules and regulations and demonstrate its determination to improve.

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