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Central Gov't appoints new HKSAR team

June 28, 2012
The Central People's Government, on the nomination of Chief Executive-elect CY Leung, today appointed the principal officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's fourth-term government. They will assume duty on July 1 in accordance with the Basic Law.
The three secretaries of departments are:
* Carrie Lam, as Chief Secretary;
* John Tsang, as Financial Secretary; and
* Rimsky Yuen, as Secretary for Justice.
The 12 directors of bureaus are: 
* Prof Anthony Cheung, as Secretary for Transport & Housing;
* Tsang Tak-sing, as Secretary for Home Affairs;
* Matthew Cheung, as Secretary for Labour & Welfare;
* Prof KC Chan, as Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury;
* Gregory So, as Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development;
* Raymond Tam, as Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs;
* Paul Tang, as Secretary for the Civil Service;
* Mak Chai-kwong, as Secretary for Development;
* Lai Tung-kwok, as Secretary for Security;
* Eddie Ng, as Secretary for Education;
* Dr Ko Wing-man, as Secretary for Food & Health; and 
* Wong Kam-sing, as Secretary for the Environment.
The 15 officials appointed under the accountability system are on non-civil service terms. 
Also appointed today are five officials heading the disciplined services, the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Audit Commission. They include:
* Andy Tsang, who stays as Commissioner of Police;
* Simon Peh, as Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption;
* David Sun, as Director of Audit;
* Clement Cheung, as Commissioner of Customs & Excise; and 
* Eric Chan, who stays as Director of Immigration.
Edward Yau was appointed Director of Chief Executive’s Office.

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