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CE pens letter to civil service

February 28, 2012
Chief Executive Donald Tsang today addressed public servants in a letter in which he says he will continue to count on their “support, dedication and professionalism” as he dedicates himself to the service of Hong Kong and its people.
“I know that the recent media coverage of my travel and retirement plans must have been unsettling for the civil service that I lead and with which I work so closely. What I find especially hurtful are the criticisms that I have been tough on the civil service but lenient on myself,” Mr Tsang said in the letter.
He assured them that he expects no less of himself when it comes to integrity, the cornerstone of good governance.
“In fact, I expect more of myself and I certainly hope that those of you who have worked with me over the years would know that to be true,” he said.
The Chief Executive noted that he had provided an account of recent events and announced the establishment of an independent committee headed by former Chief Justice Andrew Li, to review the existing rules that guard against conflicts of interest for the Chief Executive, political appointees and non-official members of Executive Council.
“In the spirit of transparency, I have just accepted an invitation from the Legislative Council to answer members' questions on Thursday. I will try my utmost to clear any residual doubts about my actions at this meeting,” he said.
“I have learned a hard lesson, but I remain hopeful that something constructive will come out of it.
“In the meantime, I will continue to dedicate myself to the service of Hong Kong and its people and to work in the best interests of the public. For this, I will continue to count on the support, dedication and professionalism of our fine civil service.”

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