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Launched in 2002 by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, news.gov.hk is an online news platform operated by an editorial team of the Information Services Department (ISD). The site presents government news, features, commentaries, updated information and useful resources in a dynamic multimedia fashion with an array of photos, videos and links to relevant websites.

The news.gov.hk team strives to post stories and background information on the latest news from the Government in a timely fashion. We aim to update stories whenever new information becomes available. We also provide background and related information through feature stories, photo galleries, videos and links.


While we do our best to ensure the information is complete and correct, the ISD does not accept any liability for errors or omissions. The ISD disclaims all warranties, express or implied, and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential loss of business profits or special damages. We encourage visitors to verify the authenticity of information or seek independent advice before relying upon it.

We have included hyperlinks to other websites for convenient cross-referencing. The ISD has no control over these sites, and has not approved or endorsed their contents.

The simplified Chinese characters on this website are translated from the original text in traditional Chinese characters. If any discrepancy arises, the original traditional Chinese pages should be treated as the official version. Some traditional Chinese stories have been translated from English. In these cases, the corresponding English text shall be deemed the official version. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is not responsible for any loss or liability due to errors arising from the translations.


The news media are welcome to adapt news.gov.hk stories, photos, graphics and videos for their own use, provided they credit news.gov.hk. Members of the public may download some news.gov.hk content for their personal use. Permission is required to post photographs, graphics and videos from this site onto other web pages, or to use news.gov.hk material for commercial purposes. If you have questions on permitted use, or would like permission to use news.gov.hk material, please send your request to <editors@news.gov.hk>.

Any reproduction or use of copyrighted material of news.gov.hk for commercial purposes without authorisation is strictly prohibited.

For Your Information

Overseas users should note that the telephone numbers and facsimile lines of Hong Kong are preceded by the area code "852", and the dollar sign - "$" - refers to Hong Kong dollars unless otherwise specified. The rate is approximately US$1=HK$7.80.

Some documents in this website may use Portable Document Format (PDF) and the PDF reader can be downloaded free of charge.

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We welcome your comments and suggestions on the design and content of the site.

We are also happy to forward your thoughts on government policy matters and related issues to the relevant bureaus and departments.

Send us an e-mail at <editors@news.gov.hk>.

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We adopt the same privacy policy as posted on GovHK.

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