HA asked to submit report

June 21, 2024

The Health Bureau today requested the Hospital Authority (HA) to submit a report with recommendations within three months, in view of the multiple recent incidents in public hospitals that involve caring procedures for patients and equipment operation.


Expressing its deep concern, the bureau said it considered the incidents a reflection of the dire need for improving the management of the public healthcare system in order to ensure medical safety and the well-being of patients.


The bureau today instructed the HA to conduct a comprehensive review of the systemic issues and the need for reform with regard to public hospital management.


The HA is also to review the causes of individual incidents and take relevant improvement measures in a proactive manner. It is required to send in a report together with recommendations to the bureau within three months.


Secretary for Health Prof Lo Chung-mau stressed that the safety of patients should at all times be accorded the topmost priority in the healthcare system.


“In the light of the multiple recent incidents related to healthcare services of public hospitals, I have written to the Chairman of the HA to express serious concern, task the HA to follow up on the relevant incidents expeditiously, and instruct the HA to initiate with utmost intent a comprehensive and independent review regarding the associated systemic issues of public hospitals.”


Such issues include the monitoring mechanism for compliance with medical procedures, staff appraisal and management accountability, internal risk management systems, contingency response as well as communication and announcement arrangements.


Subject to the report, the bureau will carefully examine the HA’s system and the need for reform, Prof Lo added.


He reiterated that the HA is required to take every measure to ensure that patients of public hospitals receive the most optimal medical care, prevent the occurrence of medical and equipment incidents, and minimise the risks posed to patients and staff, with a view to maintaining the healthcare quality in Hong Kong and upholding people's confidence in the public healthcare system.

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