Green scheme approves 5 projects

June 19, 2024

Five projects have been approved in the new application round of the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, involving a total grant of around $39 million, the Government announced today.


The newly approved projects include enhancing conservation of biodiversity in Fung Yuen, Tai Po, and nature conservation in Mui Tsz Lam, Sha Tau Kok; research on conservation of the ecology and wetland system in Sha Lo Tung (SLT).


Other projects comprise the establishment of a smart ecological monitoring network in Mai Po and the application of data analysis in Yim Tin Tsai to promote the conservation of ecological and cultural resources.


In addition, the Proactive Conservation Project in SLT approved in the last round of applications commenced on May 1.


So far, a total of 50 projects involving a total amount of around $274 million have been approved under the nine rounds of applications.

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