Freighter incident report urged

June 18, 2024

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The airline involved in a freighter incident that occurred at Hong Kong International Airport yesterday has been asked to submit a report to the Government, Chief Executive John Lee said today.


While responding to media questions ahead of this morning’s Executive Council meeting, Mr Lee expounded on the incident and explained why the airport’s north runway was closed.


“It was an incident that involved a freighter, the tyre of which burst and also the hydraulic system failed.


“So the procedures were to ensure that it would be safely removed from the runway. That means offloading the cargo there.”


He stressed that he is glad the incident was handled safely, pointing out that safety is the most important principle when handling any emergency incident.


“I noted that the actions taken were in accordance with the emergency plan that is designed for such an incident.


“And I have also noted that there were a series of measures taken to ensure it was handled properly, including the public announcement, special public transportation, special flight arrangements, and also increasing manpower to ensure that different needs were addressed.”


Apart from indicating that the airline concerned will submit a report to both the Airport Authority and the Civil Aviation Department, the Chief Executive made it clear that the Transport & Logistics Bureau will take an active role in scrutinising the report.


“I am a believer that for any matter, there is always room for improvement,” he added.

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