Digital Water Office established

June 17, 2024

The Water Supplies Department today announced the establishment of the Digital Water Office, merging the divisions within the department responsible for efficiency enhancement, digital modelling, and information systems.


In addition to being dedicated to driving the digitalisation of water supply services, the office is planning a series of short, medium and long-term initiatives. 


Through the establishment and implementation of an integrated data processing system, the office aims to optimise existing waterworks infrastructure and customer services, providing higher quality and more environmentally friendly water supply services.
In the short term, it will integrate application data to streamline the water supply application process in order to progressively facilitate business operations of high-water-consumption trades, and launch a new mobile app to provide citizens with a convenient one-stop shop for water account and information services.
In the medium term, the office will promote the use of smart devices, digital twin technology and artificial intelligence to gradually achieve full automation of operations in waterworks installations, making water supply services more efficient, stable and secure.
It also plans to actively explore a wider use of remote sensors and robots to enhance emergency response capabilities and site safety and set up a cloud data centre to safeguard data security.
In the long run, the office will formulate a digital water roadmap for implementing smart water infrastructure, including establishing a system of data management standards, the Central Operations Management Centre, and an Internet of Things platform for the department, to achieve comprehensive online monitoring of the water supply system. 


Additionally, the department has established a joint working group with the Shenzhen Water Authority to deliberate on the development and application of digital water services in the two cities. 


The office will continue to strengthen co-operation and exchanges with relevant authorities in Greater Bay Area cities on various aspects of digital water services, with the goal of building a Digital Water Greater Bay Area and promoting high-quality development.

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