XRL sleeper train arrives in Beijing

June 16, 2024
Enhancing services
Enhancing services:

Secretary for Transport & Logistics Lam Sai-hung (left) meets China State Railway Group Co Passenger Transport Department Director Wang Xin.

Secretary for Transport & Logistics Lam Sai-hung completed his journey on the inaugural sleeper train of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) from Hong Kong to Beijing today.


Mr Lam arrived at Beijingxi Station some time after 6am where he was received by representatives of the China State Railway Group Co (China Railway).


“I am grateful for the central government's care for Hong Kong, and I am very delighted to come to Beijing to thank China Railway and various Mainland authorities in person. I also feel honoured to be a passenger on this inaugural XRL sleeper train from Hong Kong to Beijing. 


“This initial journey, which I shared with hundreds of friends including Legislative Council members and colleagues from the MTR Corporation (MTRC), has been highly memorable,” Mr Lam added.


The transport chief and MTRC representatives then attended a meeting with China Railway officials to discuss how to further enhance the XRL Hong Kong Section's services.


Mr Lam noted that the launch of the XRL sleeper train service will fully capitalise on the advantages of the co-location arrangement. In addition to a quicker and more convenient clearance experience, the trains will also stop at more intermediate stations, enhancing economic and trade co-operation as well as closer personnel exchanges between Hong Kong and a wider range of Mainland provinces and cities.


The Transport & Logistics Bureau said the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the MTRC will continue to maintain close liaison with the National Railway Administration and China Railway to enhance XRL services.


It added that the collaboration will give full play to the advantages of interconnectivity between the XRL Hong Kong Section and the national high-speed rail network for consolidating Hong Kong's status as a strategic transport hub at the country's southern gateway, and better integrating the city into the national development.


Meanwhile, Under Secretary for Transport & Logistics Liu Chun-san took the inaugural XRL sleeper train from Hong Kong to Shanghai Hongqiao Station yesterday afternoon and arrived in Shanghai this morning.


Mr Lam and Mr Liu will return to Hong Kong this afternoon.

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