Light housing applications open

June 13, 2024

The Housing Bureau today announced that Light Public Housing (LPH) units will be open for applications from June 24, with the Phase 1 application covering two projects in Yuen Long and Ngau Tau Kok, which will provide a total of about 4,440 units for gradual intake anticipated from the first quarter of 2025.


After a media visit to the LPH units, Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho pointed out that this is only the first batch of such units.


She added that quantifiable measures of quality have been set regarding tenders for the operation and management of LPH.


“In all the tenders, we have set KPIs (key performance indicators) in the maintenance work, cleaning work, security (services) and also the social services to be provided to the tenants. If their (the contractors’) performance is not up to (the required) standard, expenses, (or) the cost (incurred), will be deducted from their monthly payment.”


Apart from explaining that general applicants who are on the waiting list for traditional public rental housing for three years or more are eligible to apply for LPH units, the bureau stated that those eligible will receive by post, on or before June 24, the Phase 1 application forms sent by the bureau in batches.


Interested applicants who submit the duly completed application forms between June 24 and July 15 will be handled with priority. Plus, the bureau will continue to accept applications from July 16 and beyond.


The project at Yau Pok Road in Yuen Long will provide about 2,150 units, including units for one to two people, and three to four people, with an anticipated intake date in the first quarter of 2025. The estimated monthly rent will range from about $740 to $1,420.


Another project at Choi Hing Road in Ngau Tau Kok will provide about 2,290 units, including units for one to two people, three to four people and four to five people, with an anticipated intake date in the second quarter of 2025. The estimated monthly rent for such units will range from about $1,110 to $2,650.


The bureau noted that it will give higher priority to families in need for LPH allocation, including those currently living in inadequate housing, having special medical conditions, or families with children or elderly people.


The first batch of applicants who are successfully allocated LPH units under the Phase 1 application projects will be notified by the bureau in batches starting the fourth quarter of 2024, and will be arranged to go through eligibility verification and intake arrangements, the bureau added.


For enquiries, call 3464 0700 or send an email to

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