Govt cancels 6 fugitives’ passports

June 12, 2024

The Secretary for Security today exercised the powers conferred by the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance to specify six individuals who have absconded to the UK and are subject to warrants of arrest on suspicion of having committed offences endangering national security, and describe the measures to be applied against such absconders by notices published in the Government Gazette.


The specified absconders include six men, namely Law Kwun-chung, Mung Siu-tat, Lau Cho-dik, Cheng Man-kit, Fok Ka-chi and Choi Ming-da.


The bureau said that since these individuals continue to engage in acts and activities endangering national security after they absconded to the UK, Police applied to the court for the arrest warrants in accordance with the law and put them on the wanted list in July 2023 and December 2023 respectively.


The following four measures, “prohibition against making available funds etc or dealing with funds etc”, “prohibition against certain activities in connection with immovable property”, “prohibition in connection with joint ventures or partnerships with relevant absconders” and “cancellation of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passports etc”, are applicable to all six absconders.


In addition, other measures, such as the “suspension of qualification to practise”, is applicable to Fok Ka-chi, while “temporary removal from office of director” is applicable to Mung Siu-tat and Choi Ming-da.


The Hong Kong SAR Government stressed that the wanted people are hiding in the UK and continue to blatantly engage in activities that endanger national security.


It added that they make scaremongering remarks to smear and slander the Hong Kong SAR, and even collude with external forces to protect their evil deeds.


Separately, Police reminded the public that except under the authority of a licence granted by the Secretary for Security, any person, whether directly or indirectly, making available any funds or other financial assets or economic resources to a relevant absconder, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for seven years.

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