Health chief attends transplant event

June 11, 2024

Secretary for Health Prof Lo Chung-mau and his delegation attended Chinese Organ Donation Day & the 8th Chinese Transplant Games organised by the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation in Wuhan today.


Prof Lo said organ donation is a selfless and generous act of benevolence to save lives, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government over the years has been committed to cultivating support for organ donation in society.


He said: “I joined this meaningful occasion today with great pleasure and cheered in person for Hong Kong athletes.


“Apart from the competitions, we also stand together to promote the noble cause of organ donation and pay tribute to organ donors. I am hopeful that more citizens will support organ donation, thus giving patients awaiting organ transplants a chance to have a new lease of life.”


Prof Lo and his delegation earlier met officials from the Health Commission of Hubei Province to exchange views on the healthcare developments of the two places and discuss further promotion of co-operation between Hubei and Hong Kong in the healthcare realm.


The health chief also visited the Wuhan Asia General Hospital to learn about the hospital's air rescue services and its facilities in the cardiovascular disease wards. The hospital, a Hong Kong enterprise, is a large-scale clinical healthcare centre established in accordance with the standards of a Tier III Class A hospital.


Prof Lo will return to Hong Kong tomorrow. During his absence, Under Secretary for Health Dr Libby Lee is the Acting Secretary.

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