Flavoured cigarettes ban not an issue

June 9, 2024

The Government’s proposed ban on flavoured cigarettes will not stop visitors from coming to Hong Kong.
Secretary for Health Prof Lo Chung-mau made the remarks while addressing media enquiries about the tobacco control measures planned by the Government after attending a radio programme today.
With regard to banning flavoured cigarettes, which is one of 10 new measures that aim to combat illicit cigarettes in a more effective manner and protect non-smokers from tobacco hazards, Prof Lo said: “I would categorically say that this would not affect visitors, tourists and business people coming to Hong Kong.
“First of all, taking the example of Singapore, Singapore has stricter measures on anti-smoking which do not really affect the tourists and visitors going to Singapore.
“The other thing is that, if you look at the overall percentage of smokers and non-smokers, there are far more non-smokers than smokers. People come to Hong Kong not for smoking. They come to Hong Kong for business opportunities, for our food, for all of the tourist attractions.
“They love to have a refreshing, lively, healthy city, rather than a city full of smoke and cigarette butts on the floor. I would categorically say that this is not an issue.”

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