National Security Legal Forum held

June 8, 2024
Vigilance advocates
Vigilance advocates:

At the National Security Legal Forum, Chief Executive John Lee (centre) poses for a photo with officials from the central authorities who were invited to attend the forum.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) today held the National Security Legal Forum, inviting a number of senior government officials, internationally renowned legal experts and academics to share their insights on national security issues.
Such issues included the implementation and development of jurisprudence of the National Security Law (NSL) as well as the "dual legislation and dual enforcement mechanism" institutional safeguard constituted along with the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance (SNSO).
In addition, panel discussions among representatives from the financial and business sectors, and the interactive session between the Secretary for Justice and young people were held to enable members from different sectors to have a better understanding of national security.
The objective of holding such activities is to help dispel misconceptions on the laws on safeguarding national security in Hong Kong and encourage the public to be more proactive and conscious in safeguarding national security.
With the theme of “Looking Back and Ahead, New Dawn for Development”, the event attracted about 1,000 guests and participants attending.
The forum invited two officials from the central authorities to deliver keynote speeches, including CCP Central Committee Hong Kong & Macao Work Office Deputy Director and State Council Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office Deputy Director Nong Rong, and National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law Committee Vice Chairperson and NPCSC Legislative Affairs Commission Deputy Director Zhang Yong.
Chief Executive John Lee delivered opening remarks at forum.
Also delivering opening remarks were Director of the Central People's Government (CPG) Liaison Office in the Hong Kong SAR Zheng Yanxiong, Head of the CPG Office for Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong SAR Dong Jingwei, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong SAR Cui Jianchun, and Secretary for Justice Paul Lam.
While addressing those gathered at the forum, Mr Lee said that safeguarding national security is the Government’s responsibility as well as the obligation of the whole community of Hong Kong.
He pointed out that Hong Kong had finally completed the local legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law in March this year, marking an important milestone in the city’s new journey from stability to prosperity.
The NSL and the SNSO will be compatible and complementary, giving full play to the institutional advantages of “dual legislation and dual enforcement mechanism”, ensuring that Hong Kong can focus on creating a more prosperous and better home without worries, Mr Lee added.
Mr Lam stressed that it is of crucial importance to build and reinforce the confidence of all sectors in the laws on safeguarding national security in Hong Kong, which was enacted and implemented strictly in accordance with the rule of law principle, and will have positive interaction with Hong Kong’s future development.
The DoJ will, in collaboration with relevant bureaus and departments, continue to promote and enhance education on the laws on safeguarding national security and other topics related to Hong Kong’s legal system and the rule of law through various means, so as to strengthen the trust of the public, and enhance their willingness to respect and obey the law as a matter of course, Mr Lam added.
There were four panel sessions during the forum. In the first one, legal experts and academics reviewed the practical experience, development of jurisprudence and theoretical achievements of the NSL in light of previous case laws.
The second session illustrated how the SNSO, following its implementation, works in tandem with the NSL to fully leverage on the strengths of the “dual legislation and dual enforcement mechanism”, so as to effectively respond to national security risks.
In the third session, representatives from the financial and business sectors shared their views on how the Hong Kong SAR’s legal infrastructure for safeguarding national security creates a more stable environment for different sectors, and creates favourable conditions for the high-quality development of the Hong Kong SAR.
In the final session “Chat with SJ”, Mr Lam discussed with the audience and student representatives how national security is relevant to daily life, and the important role of youth in safeguarding national security.

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