Police respond to statement by HKJA

June 5, 2024

Police expressed strong condemnation against a statement issued by the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) that contains inaccurate content and groundless accusations regarding Police’s operation on June 4 in Causeway Bay.
It noted that Police officers carried out their duties in accordance with the law in Causeway Bay yesterday, dedicated to upholding law and order and public peace, and safeguarding the life and property of citizens.
Police clarified that at about 8.45pm last night, police officers found a foreign man and a woman outside SOGO Hong Kong.
Given that their behaviour had attracted a large crowd of people, which might lead to a breach of the public peace, Police officers took them back to Wan Chai Police Station for investigation with their consent, and they were later released.
Police noted that the action was based on their behaviour at the time and had nothing to do with their profession.
Regarding an online media reporter claiming that he had been given an unreasonable warning, Police said this was not the case.
The force said Police officers were conducting a stop and search operation at the scene. In view of the crowded situation, it was necessary for Police to further expand the area of operation to carry out their duties effectively.
It explained that the Force Media Liaison Cadre (FMLC) was at the scene to co-ordinate and offer advice. While most of the journalists were co-operative, the online media reporter refused to co-operate and kept shouting, causing confusion.
Police officers then issued a warning to him and asked him to enter the operation area to further issue a stern and clear warning.
Police appealed to journalists to exercise professionalism, report and comment on news events accurately and pertinently and based on facts, and refrain from publishing false information so as to sustain their credibility in serving the community.
Apart from reiterating that the force has all along respected press freedom and journalists’ right to report, Police stressed that it understands the need for journalists to report and film at the scene. 


As such, without compromising operational efficiency, the force stated that it will continue to facilitate journalists’ reporting work, including the deployment of FMLC to co-ordinate at the scene.


Police will also continue to communicate with the media industry to enable both sides to perform their respective functions properly.

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