'Project won't reduce exhibition space'

May 29, 2024

Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn today said the supply of exhibition facilities in Kowloon East would not be diminished in the proposed redevelopment of the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) by its owner.

Responding to questions from legislator Tang Ka-piu in the Legislative Council, Ms Linn made it clear that gross floor space of about 11,300 sq m would be retained for exhibition-related use by KITEC’s owner under both the commercial redevelopment proposal submitted in 2022 and a more recent planning application, and that this provision fulfils the requirements stipulated in the relevant Outline Zoning Plan. The more recent application involves a proposed composite commercial and residential redevelopment.

The development chief said that the tentative completion dates under the two applications submitted by the owners were in 2027 and 2028, respectively. 

Meanwhile, the timing of when KITEC will cease operations is subject to the owner's decision.

Ms Linn also highlighted that the Town Planning Board’s secretariat is currently inviting public comments on the owner’s latest planning application.

The Planning Department will then assess the application in terms of both planning and other technical considerations, and review comments from other government departments and the public, before submitting the matter to the board for consideration.

Currently, the rentable event space at KITEC mainly includes two rotunda halls that can accommodate 160 exhibition booths, and an entertainment performance venue that can host an audience of 3,600.

Ms Linn added that in consideration of Hong Kong’s existing cultural and sports facilities and those under construction, as well as the extent of the city’s other exhibition facilities, the Government believes that some of the demand for KITEC’s existing facilities can be met by other facilities during the redevelopment.

She pointed out that the 28-hectare Kai Tak Sports Park, which is expected to open in the first half of 2025, includes a 50,000-seat main stadium which can host sports events and various large-scale cultural and entertainment events such as music concerts.

There are also other venues for hosting different types of cultural performances in Kowloon East, including the East Kowloon Cultural Centre, which will open in phases starting from this year.

Its hall and theatre can host audiences of around 1,200 and around 550 respectively, Ms Linn added.

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