Expert group members reappointed

May 28, 2024

The Government today announced the reappointment of 54 members of the Chief Executive's Policy Unit (CEPU) Expert Group and the appointment of five new members for one year starting May 30.


The CEPU Expert Group was established in May 2023 and comprises members of different backgrounds including business, finance, think-tanks, academia as well as professionals to provide expert views and new ideas on various topics.


To facilitate its work and conduct focused discussions, the group is organised along three broad streams: the Economic Advancement Expert Group, the Social Development Expert Group and the Research Strategy Expert Group.


CEPU Head Stephen Wong expressed his gratitude to the expert group members for their valuable insights and innovative ideas with a zeal for Hong Kong in their respective fields over the past year, and welcomed the new members on board.


He said: “The CEPU and the expert group members maintained positive and efficient interactions over the past year. We have conducted four plenary meetings, three group meetings, and more than 20 individual meetings to consult the views of expert group members on various topics.


“The CEPU has also organised forums, seminars, sharing sessions, visits and more other activities to enhance the exchanges and interactions between CEPU and the expert group members.”

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