Govt condemns slanderous 'briefing'

May 20, 2024

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has said it strongly condemns a “briefing” by the organisation “Hong Kong Watch” that makes untruthful, slandering and smearing remarks against Hong Kong’s Basic Law Article 23 legislation and requests the UK Government to impose sanctions on Hong Kong officials.


In a press statement, the Hong Kong SAR Government said the briefing is intended to mislead the public and smear both the National Security Law and the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance.


It asserted that the proposed sanctions amount to despicable political manipulation intended to intimidate Hong Kong SAR officials involved in safeguarding national security and interfere in China’s internal affairs, adding that they violate international law and the basic norms governing international relations.


The Hong Kong SAR Government urged organisations with ulterior motives to stop smearing Hong Kong and interfering in its affairs, which are the internal affairs of China. It added that they should stop scaremongering and ensure their remarks about Hong Kong’s security laws are fair and just.


It also highlighted that Hong Kong Watch is a destabilising anti-China organisation that has repeatedly called for sanctions by foreign countries against officials of the Central People’s Government and the Hong Kong SAR Government. It said that members of the public in Hong Kong and the international community should therefore see the organisation in its true colours and not be misled by its skewed remarks.


Stressing that it will not be intimidated, the Hong Kong SAR Government said it will continue to safeguard national security without fear, so that the city can focus its efforts on economic development, improving people’s livelihoods and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability.

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