Social workers board changes urged

May 13, 2024

Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun today said the Government has to improve the governance of the Social Workers Registration Board.


Mr Sun made the remarks at a media session this afternoon after attending a Legislative Council Panel on Welfare Services meeting.


“I pointed out very clearly in the article I published earlier about my serious concerns that the Social Workers Registration Board is deviating from what it should be doing under the law and what it has been doing right now undermines public interest and also the credibility and professionalism of social workers.


“Based on my clear understanding and my serious concerns about what is going on there, I have pointed out very clearly that we have to improve the governance of the board, so that the board will in future deal with issues concerning registration of social workers as well as disciplinary matters concerning social workers in a manner that is commensurate with the need to ensure that public interest is given priority and also the professionalism and credibility of social workers is being upheld,” he added.

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