Delegation explores governance

April 20, 2024
Community connections
Community connections:

Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak (front row, second right) and members of a delegation of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region District Officers tour Dongsheng and learn more about grassroots governance there.

A delegation of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government District Officers (DOs) gained a deeper understanding of the implementation of modernisation with Chinese characteristics and district governance matters in Zhejiang today.


Led by Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak, the delegation visited the Fengqiao Experience Exhibition Hall in Zhuji City, where members learned about the development of the "Fengqiao Experience" and the social governance approach of being people-centric while systematically preventing and resolving conflicts.


They also visited the Convenient Service Centre in Fengqiao Town to understand how the "Fengqiao Experience" has been put into practice in the local community.


The delegation also toured Dongsheng and exchanged views with community members there on grassroots governance, while learning how the "Fengqiao Experience" has been extended to urban communities through the co-ordination of different community organisations participating in local governance and the provision of convenient services to residents.


In addition, the delegation visited the Yuequan Secondary School in Pujiang County to learn about the "Pujiang Experience" and ways to improve the relationship between government officials and the public with a view to strengthening and enhancing district governance. They were shown a feature film and viewed a photo exhibition.


The delegates also visited the historic Xinguang Village, which has been revitalised as a local tourism destination.


The delegation arrived in Hangzhou from Beijing yesterday and was received by the Zhejiang Government’s Department of Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Deputy Director Yao Guowen with a welcoming dinner.


Miss Mak thanked Mr Yao for taking the time to meet the delegation. She noted that Zhejiang was the place of origin of the "Fengqiao Experience" and has long promoted the concept of relying on its people to resolve problems.


She recognised that Zhejiang people are encouraged to speak up, discuss matters and take charge, and are able to creatively resolve social disputes and problems, adding that this can serve as a valuable example for Hong Kong.


She said she hopes that there can be more exchanges and co-operation between the two places in relation to district governance work in the future.

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