Stricter actions to ensure fire safety

April 16, 2024

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive John Lee said the Government will enhance enforcement action and amend the law to increase the penalty for those who fail to comply with fire safety rules, following last week’s fire at the New Lucky House in Jordan.
Mr Lee made the statement ahead of this morning’s Executive Council meeting, saying that the Government will make enforcement procedures more efficient and set priorities on prosecution.
“We will be trying to shorten the duration of time that will be taken for actual action to be taken against those who have not complied (with the Government's directions).
“We will also set priorities on prosecution. For those (who) have been posing quite an immediate fire hazard or structural hazard, then, of course, they (such cases) will be (a) priority.”
The Chief Executive added that the Government will submit a legislative proposal to empower government departments to carry out the necessary work to improve fire safety and fire service installations.
He explained that the move is to ensure that delays in making such improvements will not occur.
Meanwhile, to strengthen the deterrence effect, the legislative amendment will also include increasing the penalty for non-compliance with directions issued by the Buildings Department.

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