Security education promoted

April 15, 2024

The Security Bureau (SB) and its eight disciplined services and auxiliary services held a flag-raising ceremony and other activities to mark National Security Education Day today.


Under the theme “10th anniversary of a Holistic Approach to National Security”, the events were aimed at deepening citizens’ understanding of the services’ work in safeguarding national security and their own responsibility towards upholding it.


In the morning, the SB and its disciplined services jointly held a flag-raising ceremony at the Police College, with Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki officiating.


The ceremony started with a music performance by the Police Band, followed by a march-in of the disciplined services ceremonial guard. The flag-raising ceremony, conducted by the Police flag party, involved the playing and singing of the national anthem.


Addressing the ceremony, Mr Chan said that national security is the foundation for prosperity and stability in society, and of the well-being of the people.


He highlighted the immediate effect of the promulgation and implementation of the National Security Law in stopping violence, curbing disorder and quickly restoring social stability in Hong Kong.


In addition, he noted that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region had fulfilled its constitutional duty by completing the Basic Law Article 23 legislation this year to improve the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security.


Stressing that national security education and patriotic education go hand in hand, Mr Chan said the Hong Kong SAR Government will work with the newly established Working Group on Patriotic Education to rally support from all quarters to promote patriotic education and the mainstream values characterised by patriotism across four areas of society.


The four areas are: school education; local communities; history, politics, the economy and culture; and media publicity.


After the flag-raising ceremony, Mr Chan officiated at the Safeguarding National Security Cup awards presentation ceremony.


He commended the SB and its disciplined services and auxiliary services for holding sports competitions to raise participants’ awareness of national security while showcasing their vitality and unity.


In addition to the flag-raising ceremony, Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung also attended other national security education activities today, including the National Security Education Day Opening Ceremony & Seminar held by the Hong Kong SAR Committee for Safeguarding National Security at the Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Meanwhile, more than 102,000 students from 585 secondary and primary schools participated in the Territory-wide Inter-school National Security Knowledge Challenge.


The highlights of the finals, and the award presentation ceremony, will be broadcast in a programme at 9.30pm today on HOY Infotainment.

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