National security education tour ends

April 4, 2024
Mainland adventure
Mainland adventure:

Participants in the National Security Education Study Tour visit the Museum of the Communist Party of China.

A National Security Education Study Tour, organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, concluded today, with its 75 participants returning to Hong Kong from the Mainland this afternoon.


Principals, teachers and outstanding students from 17 secondary schools participated in the tour, which started on March 29 and encompassed Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.


The participants were mainly selected via the Territory-wide Inter-school National Security Knowledge Challenge, which was jointly organised by the Department of Justice, the Security Bureau, the Education Bureau, and the Shine Tak Foundation.


In Beijing, the group visited Tiananmen Square to observe a flag-raising ceremony, climbed the Tiananmen Tower, and toured the Palace Museum and the Museum of the Communist Party of China.


In Shanghai, they visited a Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China exhibitiion hall and the National Security Education Exhibition Hall.


In Hangzhou, they visited the Hangzhou National Archives of Publications & Culture, the Liangzhu Museum, and the Alibaba Xixi Park, among other attractions.


They also interacted and exchanged ideas with teachers and students from the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University at the China Science & Technology Museum.


At the tour’s opening ceremony in Beijing, Secretary for Education Choi Yuk-lin, Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the Hong Kong SAR Secretary General Au Chi-kwong and members of the study tour were received by Central People’s Government Hong Kong & Macao Work Office Deputy Director Nong Rong.


Under Secretary for Security Michael Cheuk participated in the visit to Hangzhou and the closing ceremony.


To inspire the participants, Mr Cheuk quoted the Four Sentences of Hengqu: “To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth. To secure life and fortune for the people. To continue lost teachings for past sages. To establish peace for all future generations.”


He said he hoped the participants would continue to take responsibility for safeguarding national security and strive for the betterment of Hong Kong and the country.

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