Members of 3 committees appointed

April 1, 2024

The Government announced that the Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs has appointed 1,937, 536 and 526 people respectively as members of the Area Committees, the District Fight Crime Committees and the District Fire Safety Committees for a two-year term starting today.


The Government identifies suitable people who aspire to serve the community via various channels to join the three committees on the basis of the merit of the individuals, taking into account various factors, including a candidate's ability, expertise, experience, integrity, commitment to serving the community as well as with due regard to the functions of the three committees.


Under the improved district governance system and the reformed District Councils, the co-operation between the District Councils and the three committees is much closer.


In this regard, the Government appoints all incumbent District Council members to be members of the three committees with a view to strengthening the connection and collaboration between both sides.


Click here for the membership lists of the three committees in 18 districts.

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