School granted over $1m in relief

March 28, 2024

The Government has provided Christian Zheng Sheng College with over $1 million in emergency relief from the Beat Drugs Fund to meet the school’s imminent needs and tide it over difficult times.


The Security Bureau’s Narcotics Division made the statement today in response to media enquiries about Zheng Sheng College calling for help from the Government as it is running out of financial resources essential to its teachers and students.


It said the emergency funding aims to prevent the school’s operation from being affected by the behaviours of certain wanted individuals.


It pointed out that the board members of Christian Zheng Sheng Association have been under police investigation for a while.


A number of wanted board members, including founder Lam Hay-sing and Zheng Sheng College principal Alman Chan, are still at large.


The operation of the school has all along relied on funding from Zheng Sheng Association.


Despite multiple requests from the Government and Zheng Sheng College, Lam Hay-sing did not transfer funds to the college from the bank account of Zheng Sheng Association.


As a result, the school does not have enough money to take care of its teachers and students.


The Government has all along placed the welfare of the college's teachers and students as a top priority.


To prevent them from being affected, including the seven students who will sit for public examinations, the Government has taken the initiative to swiftly allocate relief funds to tide the school over these difficult times.


The Narcotics Division said Lam Hay-sing has been using different excuses to prevent the funds in the association's bank account from being transferred to the college for maintaining its daily operation, let alone for restructuring the board to completely resolve the fund transfer issue.


It strongly condemns the disreputable and selfish acts of these wanted people.


“We appeal to them not to put their selfishness and personal benefits above the welfare of the teachers and students of Zheng Sheng College, and not to squander the goodwill of the people who donated to Zheng Sheng Association.


“We urge them to abide by law, return to Hong Kong soon and make amends.”

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