Appeal judge named

March 25, 2024

Chief Executive John Lee has accepted the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission (JORC)’s recommendation that James Leslie Bain Allsop be appointed as a non-permanent judge of the Court of Final Appeal.


Subject to the Legislative Council’s endorsement, the Chief Executive will make the appointment under Article 88 of the Basic Law.


Mr Lee said: "I am pleased to accept the JORC's recommendation on the appointment of Mr Allsop as a non-permanent judge from another common law jurisdiction of the Court of Final Appeal.


“Mr Allsop is a judge of eminent standing and reputation. I am confident he will greatly contribute to the Court of Final Appeal.”


Mr Lee noted that with Mr Allsop’s appointment, the panel of non-permanent judges from other common law jurisdictions will consist of 10 eminent judges from the UK, Australia and Canada.


“The presence of these esteemed jurists manifests the exercise of judicial power independently by the Judiciary in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as protected by the Basic Law.


“It also helps maintain a high degree of confidence in the Hong Kong SAR's judicial system, and enables Hong Kong to maintain strong links with other common law jurisdictions.”


The Chief Executive expressed confidence that having distinguished jurists from overseas with profound judicial experience will continue to be a unique strength of the city's judicial system.


Article 90 of the Basic Law provides that the Chief Executive shall obtain the endorsement of the Legislative Council on the appointment of judges of the Court of Final Appeal. The Government will seek such an endorsement in due course.

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