Ancient civilisation expo set

March 20, 2024
Precious antiquities
Precious antiquities:

"Wang Zi Wu" ding, a grade-one national treasure for display at the exhibition, is installed into a showcase by museum conservators and professional art handlers.

The Hong Kong Museum of History (HKMH) is preparing to stage the exhibition “The Ancient Civilisation of the Xia, Shang & Zhou Dynasties in Henan Province” that will run from April 3 to July 8. Admission is free.


It is the first large-scale exhibition of the General History of China Exhibition Series launched by the HKMH in collaboration with the Chinese Culture Promotion Office.


Over 150 sets of cultural relics, including large and complete sets of bronze ware, jade ware, pottery, bone ware and oracle bones from the collections of the Henan Museum as well as other museums and cultural institutions in the province will be on display.


The cultural relics have arrived, and experts from Henan and the curatorial team in Hong Kong are working intensively for the exhibition.


The HKMH team had earlier gone to Henan to check and receive the relics with experts from the province. As the cultural relics are age-old with some of them relatively large and heavy, precise calculation is needed for the arrangement for transportation and load-bearing showcases.


Following this exhibition, the HKMH will present exhibitions each year on historical relics of significant periods in chronological order, concluding in 2029 with an exhibition to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China.


Fringe programmes will be organised during the exhibition, including music performances and sharing by the Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of the Henan Museum. A forum and a lecture series will also be held to explore the latest archaeological discoveries of the Shang dynasty in Henan and the ancient Chinese bronzes.


“The Ancient Civilisation of the Xia, Shang & Zhou Dynasties in Henan Province” is jointly presented by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department and the Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, with the sole sponsorship of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

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