Disciplinary forces to hold open days

March 14, 2024

To mark National Security Education Day, on April 15, the disciplined services and auxiliary services will hold open days in their training schools, headquarters or divisional premises on April 13 and 14.


The Police College, the Immigration Service Institute of Training & Development, the Correctional Services Academy and the Kai Tak division of the Government Flying Service will be opened to the public on April 13.


The Customs College, the Fire & Ambulance Services Academy, the Civil Aid Service Headquarters and the Auxiliary Medical Service Headquarters will hold open days the following day.


Activities on the open days will include flag raising ceremonies, Chinese-style foot drills, tactics and rescue drills, displays of firearms and equipment, working dog demonstrations, virtual reality experiences and game booths.


The activities will enable the public to learn more about the disciplined services’ work in preventing and defending against national security risks, while raising awareness of national security and the need to abide by the law.


Click here for more information on the open days.

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