DoJ clarifies officer's resignation

March 2, 2024

In response to media enquiries on a piece of news circulating on social media about the recent resignation of a Department of Justice prosecutor, deliberately mentioning that the prosecutor appeared on a so-called list of “sanctions” made by US Congress members out of intimidation on November 1, 2023, the department pointed out today that the prosecutor had resigned in September 2023, ie before the release of the so-called list.


Although the department usually does not comment on the movement of individual officers, it decided to set the record straight by issuing a statement.


Moreover, it reiterated that all departmental staff will continue to perform their duties without fear and uphold the rule of law in Hong Kong.


Foreign politicians’ threats of sanctions against its colleagues, which are in violation of international law, will only make colleagues all the more determined to discharge their obligations and responsibilities in safeguarding national security, the department stressed.

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