Alice Mak meets young entrepreneurs

March 2, 2024
Pursuing entrepreneurship
Pursuing entrepreneurship:

Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak (front row, centre) visits a member base of the Alliance of Hong Kong Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurial Bases in the Greater Bay Area.

Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak today learnt about the entrepreneurial support and incubation services for Hong Kong young people in the Greater Bay Area, and the development opportunities of Hong Kong youth as she wrapped up her trip to Guangzhou and Foshan. 


Miss Mak visited two member bases of the alliance - Timetable of the Tianhe Hong Kong & Macao Youth Association, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Technology Exhibition & Exchange Center of Gungho Space.


During the session, staff introduced the facilities and support for young entrepreneurs, explaining how the bases could enable young people to grasp the latest developments and facilitation measures in Mainland bay area cities. Hong Kong youth startup teams also shared with Miss Mak their experience in pursuing entrepreneurship in the bay area.


Miss Mak highlighted that the Government is committed to promoting youth innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in encouraging young entrepreneurs to leverage the bay area as an entry point to develop their businesses.


The establishment of the alliance is one of the key tasks under the Guangdong-Hong Kong task force on youth employment, entrepreneurship and internship, aiming to provide youth entrepreneurs with more assistance, she added.


Miss Mak returned to Hong Kong this afternoon.

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