Tenders for charging station invited

March 1, 2024

The Government announced today the sale of a site in Kowloon Bay for conversion into a quick charging station (QCS) through public tendering, with the tender invitation closing on May 10.


To cope with the rapid demand of charging facilities with the increase of electric vehicles (EV), the Government has completed the feasibility study on converting two petrol filling stations into QCSs and will invite tenders in stages for the sale of government land at Kowloon East and New Territories East.


The land at 8 Kai Fuk Road, Kowloon Bay put for sale this time has a site area of about 1,127 square metres and is designated for QCS purpose.


Meanwhile, the Government announced the price ceiling and its adjustment mechanism for the charging of electric taxis (e-taxis) and electric public light buses (e-PLBs) at designated QCSs.


The operators of designated QCSs cannot charge a price that is higher than the ceiling price to be announced by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) on a monthly basis.


The Environment & Ecology Bureau noted that the move aims to encourage owners of taxis and PLBs to expedite the adoption of e-taxis and e-PLBs, and by reference to the current arrangement of dedicated liquefied petroleum gas filling stations.


The charging price for other EVs will be determined by the market.


Details of the charging ceiling price will be announced regularly on the EPD website and the EV-Charging Easy mobile app and will be posted at each QCS when the designated QCSs are in operation.

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