GREEN@TSING YI is officially open

February 23, 2024

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan officiated today at the opening ceremony of GREEN@TSING YI, witnessing the launch of the first GREEN@COMMUNITY Recycling Store in an MTR station.


Kwai Tsing District, in which Tsing Yi is located, is the smallest yet most densely populated district in the New Territories. Addressing the ceremony, Mr Tse said the Environmental Protection Department had extended its GREEN@COMMUNITY network to the MTR Station to enable passengers and nearby residents alike to participate in clean recycling and prepare for the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Charging.


Separately, he announced the launch of a pilot collaboration programme by the department’s GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme and the MTR’s Carbon Wallet.


Users of the GREEN$ mobile app can convert their Green$ points to Carbon Wallet points and redeem rewards including free single-journey MTR tickets.


With GREEN@TSING YI coming into operation, the number of GREEN@COMMUNITY Recycling Stores has reached 40. There are also 11 Recycling Stations and some 130 Recycling Spots that operate weekly, at fixed times and locations, in the form of kerb-side collection booths.


In addition, more than 70 smart recycling bins have been installed in large housing estates, public rental housing estates, villages, shopping malls, universities and government venues. The department has also provided three-colour waste separation bins for about 2,700 building premises.

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