Bamboo scaffold inspections start

February 21, 2024

The Labour Department today began a two-week special inspection exercise targeting construction sites with large-scale bamboo scaffolds throughout the city.


The exercise aims to check the safety and stability conditions of the bamboo scaffolds, thereby ensuring the work safety of workers.


To deter unsafe operations, the department will take rigorous enforcement action if any violations of the legislation are detected, which include issuing suspension notices and improvement notices as well as taking out prosecutions without prior warning.


The department also expressed deep concern about a serious work accident involving the collapse of a bamboo scaffold at a Kai Tak construction site yesterday, in which two workers were killed and three others injured.


It is collaborating with relevant departments to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the cause of the accident and ascertain the duty holders’ liability.


The department is also currently amending its Code of Practice for Bamboo Scaffolding Safety (CoP), which involves enhancing the stability of bamboo scaffolds, including the technical requirements for putlogs and prohibiting unauthorised alteration of bamboo scaffolds.


The amendments will require the bamboo scaffolders to possess valid safety training certificates before they are allowed to carry out the relevant scaffolding work.


In addition, the CoP will set out in detail the work requirements of competent persons in supervising workers performing scaffolding work.


The revised CoP is targeted to be issued between March and April.

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