CE: Views are in favour of Article 23

February 20, 2024

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The consultation exercise for the Basic Law Article 23 legislation has already garnered many opinions, with the majority of the views expressed supporting its enactment, Chief Executive John Lee said today.


The Basic Law Article 23 legislation consultation launched by the Government will end on February 28 and Mr Lee was asked about its progress by reporters before he attended the Executive Council meeting this morning.


“We have been receiving a lot of opinions,” he said. “The majority of them support Article 23 enactment.


“We also believe that because of what we went through in 2019 in the attempted colour revolution, the awareness has been very strong.”


The Chief Executive added that the consultation results will be presented to the Legislative Council.


“The general opinions give me the impression that they are in support (of) the overall goal of enacting Article 23 to ensure that we protect ourselves when people want to cause damage to us.


“We will, of course, report the overall result of the consultation in due course to LegCo.”

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